Kira Sciberras

A portfolio of work.

Awarded High Pass for Fifth Year Technical Studies

The Technical Studies (TS) programme stands as a complete and coherent technical education over five years and constructs a creative collaboration with the material demands of individual unit agendas. TS is founded on the provision of a substantial knowledge base developed through critical case studies of contemporary fabrication processes, constructed artefacts and buildings. 

In the Fifth Year, students undertake a Technical Design Thesis (TS5), a substantial individual work supervised by Technical Studies tutors. The thesis comprises a broader dialogue between the technical and architectural agendas of the student's unit and is developed through case studies, material experiments and extensive research and consultation.

Projects Review 2015-2016


DIPLOMA 17 2015-2016 Head of Projects Review Exhibition Space 2015-2016

DIPLOMA 17 2015-2016. Asked to collect organise and plan the 2015/16 Diploma 17 Exhibit for AA Projects Review.


AA Director's Selection 2014

Selected for the 2014 Director's personal choice of the best student work produced during the 2013/2014 academic year. 


Selected to exhibit at Nolias Art Gallery: Cheating Complacency 

As part of a digital art competition I was asked to exhibit my work as part of the Cheating Complacency exhibtion at the Nolias Gallery in London.


AA Director's Selection 2013

Selected for the 2014 Director's personal choice of the best student work produced during the 2012/2013 academic year. 


AA Projects Review Book 2012-2013

Featured in AA Projects Review Book 2012-2013.


AA Projects Review Exhibition 2013-2014


Helping to curate and assemble AA Intermediate 8 Unit Catalogue.



Workshop and Symposium

Co-organized the International Symposium and Workshop: Towards Frugality and the European Parliament